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​​​​​¡Sí se puede, sí lo haremos!​

Idaho Hispanic Youth Symposium 



Work with members in your community and make a difference

We are a collaborative of HYS alumni, supporters, and community leaders dedicated to the revival of HYS. The IHYSAA functions under the temporary fiscal sponsorship of the Idaho Community Foundation. 

Who we are

To serve as a valued and respected community resource which inspires and prepares traditionally under-represented students to expect and achieve excellence in education, personal and professional development and civic engagement.

The IHYSAA inspires and guides the development of talented Latino and other under-represented students into well-prepared, effective and confident civic-minded leaders by providing events, activities and a sustained reinforcement of this cultural expectation. The HYSAA brokers community talent and family involvement to provide the necessary environment for holistic and sustainable success.

Our Vision

Marilu Dick-Perez

PhD in Chemistry

Iowa State University

HYS 2000 Alumna


"... I wasn't one of those all-star students... Even if I hadn't received my PhD, I know that the symposium made a huge positive impact on my choices...
...I did... take away the most important message, "Si se puede!"

FEatured alumni

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Our Mission

For more than 20 years, Idaho Hispanic Youth Symposium has served as a passionate forum for the educational advancement of traditionally under-represented Latino Students. Find out how you can contribute to the future of this necessary program through donations of money and time.





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