For the community. By the community.

​​​​​¡Sí se puede, sí lo haremos!​

Idaho Hispanic Youth Symposium 

The HYSAA invites proposal submissions for youth-focused (high school aged) workshops at the upcoming Hispanic Youth Symposium.  The Symposium will be held in Caldwell at the the College of Idaho July 29 & 30, 2017.

This year's Hispanic Youth Symposium will bring together more than 100 high school juniors entering their senior year from across the state.

We are looking for workshop and keynote presenters to address this year's conference theme:¡Sí se puede, sí lo haremos!

Please take a moment to look at each of the sub themes and determine which theme your presentation will address and fill out the presentation proposal.

Note:  Workshop presentations will be presented multiple times, please ensure that you are able to meet the full commitment.  Multiple workshop proposals may be submitted.



1)  Theme:  Strength of Self
"Everything and everyone has a place to be, Echo.  It's just a matter of how they get there and when.  You have a place; you just have to find it." - Nadege Richards.
The strength of self comes from a sense of identity, of being oneself and not another.  The area of the conference focusing on this theme should emphasize the following:

* Strengthening self-awareness and recognizing self-worth
* Discovering your voice and taking the lead
* Career interest, finding passion and happiness in career
* Finding one's strengths and nourishing them

2)  Theme: Unity of the Community
Community unity refers to unifying the community through engagement by implementing change and applying a collective vision for the benefit of the community. The areas of the conference focusing on this theme should emphasize the following:

* How to be a community member
* Strategies to effectively make change
* Benefits of working as a group, for the group
* Service – using one’s strengths for the benefit of the community
* Exploring our background, our roots, our culture, our community, our unity
* Civic engagement – to politically engage through voting and activism

3) Theme: Academic Success Resources and Strategy Development
Academic success refers to doing well academically and completing your studies efficiently.  The areas of the conference focusing on this theme should elaborate upon methods, strategies, and resources for students to achieve their academic goals.  The goal of this theme is two-fold: 1. Having minority students enroll and attend college. 2. Retention in college and completion of a degree.  Examples of workshops include:

* Study strategies for academic success
* Financial aid and scholarship opportunities
* Mentorship and peer learning
* Career opportunity awareness (career opportunities are offered by universities, what do certain careers entail, etc)

call for  Workshop Presenters