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​​​​​¡Sí se puede, sí lo haremos!​

Idaho Hispanic Youth Symposium 

A Mentor will work with a "familia" of 8-10 high school juniors at the symposium. Mentors play an important role, therefore, a mentor must be committed and dedicated to each student. Mentors must be a minimum of 24 years old.

Mentor expectations are listed as follows:

  1. Encourage, engage, and inspire students throughout the symposium.
  2.  Hold students accountable for timeliness.
  3.  Perform post-curfew rounds to ensure student safety.
  4.  Prepare for and respond to student emergencies (training will be provided).
  5. Attend a mandatory in-person training.
  6. Participate in potential follow-up post symposium with assigned "familia".
  7. Stay through the entirety of the program July 28-29th with a required overnight stay on July 28th. 

Mentors: Because of you, we can!

DEADLINE: MAY 25, 2018!