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Idaho Hispanic Youth Symposium 

Please pay participation fee here: TBA

An Activity Coordinator will be in charge of planning and coordinating the details of any one HYS activity. This person will work closely with the HYS 2017 Programming Committee prior to the symposium and manage task-designated volunteers at HYS. 
Potential volunteer positions are as follows:

- Registration
- Art Show
- Talent Show
- Speech Competition
- College and Business Fair
- Networking/Social Event
- Closing Ceremonies
- Safety and Health
- Photography & Social Media
- Workshop & Keynote

A symposium volunteer will assist with various activities throughout the symposium. It is required that symposium volunteers are flexible and are able to take orders in order to assist in varying symposium duties. Symposium volunteers are required to attend the Volunteer Training. Volunteers must be at least 18 years of age. 

HYS Volunteers: Because of you, we Can!

NEW DEADLINE: mAY 19, 2017!